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Exercise Therapy

Woudsma Chiropractic Associates


If you suffer from neck or back pain, it’s tempting to lay down and take it easy. However, light exercise can ease your symptoms and provide relief. At Woudsma Chiropractic Associates in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania, the team offers in-office and at-home exercise therapy programs. To learn more about these innovative, noninvasive methods of treatment, make an appointment by calling or clicking the online booking tool today.

Exercise Therapy

What is exercise therapy?

Exercise therapy is a safe, effective method of treatment that uses a series of exercises to strengthen and correct irregularities in your body that cause pain. The goal of exercise therapy is to restore normal musculoskeletal function and reduce pain through light stretching, gait training, and physical therapy. 

Exercise therapy also requires commitment. To achieve the best results, you must attend every appointment and follow your provider’s instructions, even if you feel weak or tired. 

Who is a good candidate for exercise therapy?

Anyone suffering from persistent joint, back, and neck pain or headaches and migraines can benefit from exercise therapy. Inflammation, irritation, and stiffness often develop due to poor posture or weak muscles that can be corrected through exercise therapy. 

Exercise therapy uses targeted stretches and activities to strengthen these areas, improve your mobility, and increase your independence. You may also want to consider exercise therapy if you rely on painkillers to ease your symptoms. With the proper treatment plan, you can reduce your medication intake and trips to the doctor. 

What types of exercise therapy do you offer?

The team at Woudsma Chiropractic Associates offers two types of exercise therapy:

In-office exercise therapy

In-office exercise therapy involves working with your chiropractor one-on-one. In-office therapy is particularly beneficial for people suffering from chronic neck and back pain, as well as migraines. Depending on the source of your discomfort, your provider may recommend combining exercise therapy with electronic stimulation, supportive braces, or BioFreeze™ pain reliever.

Home exercise therapy program

Home exercise therapy includes a group of easy exercises you can perform in the comfort of your own home without the supervision of a medical professional. Simple, corrective exercises better align your spine and encourage healthy circulation throughout your entire body. 

What type of exercise therapy is right for me?

The only way to determine whether exercise therapy is right for you is to schedule an appointment with the team at Woudsma Chiropractic Associates. Following a physical exam, review of your medical history, and discussion of your symptoms, your chiropractor makes recommendations that align with your goals and situation. 

To learn more about the benefits of exercise therapy, call or use the online booking tool, and make an appointment at Woudsma Chiropractic Associates today.