While shoveling the snow, many of us find that we either hurt ourselves in the process, or we have an aching and sore back in the following hours or days. Is this something to be concerned about? Well it may or may not be. If it is just sore hours after and tender along the long muscles of the lower back, it may just be that you are weak in this area and have not used the muscles in a long time. This means you need to get back to the gym or your P90x. If you have pin point soreness, bruising, or if you heard any ”pop” or “click” this is a sign of danger to the joints of your back and you should call us immediately at 215 287 5808
If you are going to treat yourself at home, you MUST use ice and not heat. There is inflammation at this site and heat will add to the problem. If the pain or soreness lasts more than 1 day or if it limits your motion at all you need to be evaluated by a chiropractorThey are the only docs who deal directly with the muscles and joint in the spine. 
If you choose to not have a chat with a chiropractor, you will be putting yourself at risk for future back problems and arthritis.