Isagenix Immune System Enhancement Testimonial
Many of our cleansers start the Isagenix program just to take off some weight, and they often find other benefits to the program. The best one for people who feel sluggish and tired and sick all the time is that they recover from illness much faster and just don’t get sick nearly as often. 
Read on to hear from one of our cleansers Amy Irvin from Erdenheim, Pa who suffered from CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) prior to using the Isagenix program…
“I have to tell you too, before I was diagnosed with CFS, if I got sick my body usually took care of it within a day. The last 11 years it would linger. Well I started getting a cough yesterday at work and by the time 7pm rolled around I had a fever of 101. Woke up twice sweating through the night. When I finally got up this morning, my fever had broke and I'm back to an annoying cough. I feel like my body is becoming back to it's normal self! Yay!”
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