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Are you among the thousands that are suffering needlessly because of a lack of understanding of your symptoms?

If so, would not you like to relieve these symptoms and return to a happier, healthier lifestyle? Ask WOUDSMA Chiropractic Associates for more information about a care program that may include specific spinal adjustments, a personalized exercise program, nutritional advice or other conservative methods of care based on your health history, age, current condition and lifestyle.  :: Contact Us today to schedule your free, no obligation consultation.  COME IN . . . GET WELL!

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   Chiropractic care with our computerized chiropractic can be the key to detecting the cause of your problem.

   If detected early enough, adjustments can often return the joint to its normal position, releasing the pressure on the nerve and
   eliminating the Nerve Impingement Syndrome. By allowing the nervous system to freely transport the nerve impulses throughout
   your body, you will begin to feel like new again; free to enjoy life to the fullest! We work to achieve the highest level of function
   for your body, relieving the pain, eliminating the symptoms.  The job of improving your health just got easier.  


Innate Intelligence is the wisdom that our bodies know what is right.

This is a basic simple fact that if one can grasp and remember, will make true sense on a very basic, instinctive level. Breaking down the complexity of spinal anatomy, neurology and physiology into a simple, usable and reproducible idea would go something like this: The brain controls and regulates every system, organ, cell and tissue in the body through the nerves.


The nerves are our wiring system with hundreds of thousands of nerves running throughout the body. They transmit chemicals and electrical impulses to tell the body how to function. If they can do this without interruption from outside influences, then the body would have the ability to function at a near perfect state, which we can call healthy. If the nervous system is assaulted or interfered with however, it will either not be able to send a signal at all or only send a partial signal to its final destination. This might be a muscle, an adrenal gland, the stomach or another organ or tissue. The nervous system can be assaulted through obvious ways like direct and severe trauma or less obviously, through poor posture, sports, minor falls or simply bumping your head. 


If your pain originated from a trauma-related event - perhaps from a car accident, fall or sports-related injury - the chronic pain may have taken time to settle in and then to make itself known, sometimes years later. So be aware that it may take some time and a bit of effort to get your body back to its old pain free self. The programs of treatment we select are designed to help your body find the right alignment while seated, walking and while sleeping. The exercises are designed to help restore range of motion and reduce scar tissue. The ointments and supplements are designed to help ease pain and ensure your body has the things it needs to heal properly.


Dr Kim's TIPS:

I want you to be aware that we at WOUDSMA Chiropractic Associates are trying to make available to you a source of information and products that we have used in our practice for many years to provide relief for our patients - providing you with an alternative to drugs and surgery. Always seek medical consultation, especially for pain that does not resolve with our treatments.
Please give our treatments and products four to six weeks to do their job and up to one year to lasting results from these products and new habits, although you may feel results sooner. That time frame depends on your age, your overall health, and the amount of the injury and pain. Practice makes perfect and prevention goes a long way towards a cure. As you know, a pain problem may have started with an incident many years ago and your body has been used to accommodating it, so it can take some time to work things out and get back to normal.
With that said, if your pain and range of motion does not show any improvement and/or your condition continues unchanged or worsens, we recommend that you see your chosen healthcare professional to rule out any underlying health causes. If you are unsure of your diagnosis or the severity of your condition you should seek advice from a healthcare professional before beginning any treatment plan.


When pain is chronic and finally gets to a point where you are ready to DO something, it can take time to heal. It may have taken many years for your body to get to this point but patients that work with the program we have selected can really help themselves over the long term. It's like giving your body a coach - if you keep going to a tennis coach, your skills will improve over time. It is the same with the treatment of pain. Practice with the program will most often lead to a lessening of pain and improvement of mobility and range of motion in your daily life. As long as you continue to see improvement, keep going!