Shoulder pain is a very common problem. The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in the body; this mobility also makes it one of the most unstable joints, leaving it vulnerable to injury. Shoulder pain can be described as any discomfort that produces pain ranging from the neck through the shoulders and into the arm and upper back. Shoulder pain may be characterized by tenderness, swelling, muscle spasms, restricted range of motion or tension anywhere in that area.

Hip pain, back pain, lower back pain, sciatica, and knee pain can also be interrelated, and therefore are often co-managed. Please check the information in those other sections, to see if they fit your needs. If you purchase a basic package from one section, but find other individual items, in another section, that would help you, they can be purchased individually as well.



The causes of shoulder pain are varied, and include both chronic and acute conditions. If you've had one of these acute issues, which may require seeing a health care professional, the products below can help in reducing the pain of recovery and future pain issues due to scar tissue. One of the most common shoulder injuries is a dislocated shoulder, which requires consultation with a doctor, to have the joint put back into place properly. Other causes of shoulder problems include a shoulder separation, where the collarbone (clavicle) meets the shoulder blade (scapula); tendonitis; bursitis; and rotator cuff tears; fractures; arthritis of the shoulder; frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis). More general causes include sprains and strains, incorrect sleep habits, stress, abnormal or bad postures; injuries due to slips, falls, lifting, sports, "weekend warrior activities" and other actions; car accidents & whiplash; breast feeding; arthritis; muscle spasms; postural deformities; and almost anything that can aggravate the head, neck, arms, shoulders and upper back.



For a dislocated shoulder, the most common cause of acute shoulder pain, a physician will push the head of the humerus bone back into the joint socket. Although there are many treatments for general shoulder pain, according to many sufferers acupuncture, chiropractic, manipulations, injections, physical therapy, massage, exercise, yoga, medicines, vitamins, and even some home remedies such as careful stretching, ice/heat etc. have been shown to work. The best solution we have found for our patients is a hybrid of many of the above used together with products we have researched and used in our practice over many years.


Dr. Kim's Tips

When pain is chronic, and finally gets to a point where you are ready to DO something, it can take time to heal. It may have taken many years to get to this point of causing pain. But patient work with the products we have selected can really help over the long term. It's like giving your body a coach. If you keep going to a tennis coach, your skills will improve over time; it is the same with treatment of pain. Practice with these products will most often lead to a lessening of pain and improvement of mobility and range of motion in your daily life. As long as you continue to see improvement, keep going.

Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain

I want you to be aware that many patients may require from six weeks to begin to see results, and up to one year to lasting results from these products and new habits, although you may feel results sooner. That time frame depends on your age, your overall health, and the amount of the injury and pain. Practice makes perfect, practice with the items in your package every day, just like you brush your teeth; prevention goes a long way towards a cure. You know, a pain problem may have started with an incident many years ago, and your body has been used to accommodating it, so it can take some time to work things out and get back to normal. With that said, if you don't see some improvement after six weeks, you may wish to see your chosen health care professional to be sure there is not an underlying illness, or other health issue at work. Also if your pain increases or gets progressively worse, please stop our program and seek further care.

You mom's advice about sitting up and not slouching, was right; those habits take a toll on your spine and joints over time. While simply sitting up straight will not cure a problem, it will certainly help many of your neck and back pain issues. If your pain originated from a trauma-related event, perhaps from a car accident, fall or sports-related injury, the chronic pain may have taken time to settle in, and then to make itself known, sometimes years later. So be aware that it may take some time, and a bit of effort to get your body back to its old pain free self. The products we have selected are designed to help your body find the right alignment while seated, walking and while sleeping. The exercise items are designed to help restore range of motion and reduce scar tissue. The ointments and supplements are designed to help ease pain and ensure your body has the things it needs to heal properly.

Our View
Although there are various reasons for shoulder pain, it's been my experience as a health care professional and after seeing the results with my patients, that a combination of the following products can often be used to treat such pain, and solve many of it's causes. Each item in these packages addresses a different aspect of shoulder pain, which most often it is truly a combination of several of the underlying causes outlined above.