RELIEF CARE:  The First Step in Your Recovery




Relief Care is that care necessary to get rid of your symptoms or pain, but not the cause of it. It is the same as drying a floor that was getting wet from a leak, but not fixing the leak. Corrective Care differs from Relief Care in that its goal is to get rid of the symptoms or pain while correcting the cause of the problem as well. Corrective Care varies in its length or time, but is more lasting.



Many times a person chooses relief care ONLY due to failure to understand the benefits of Corrective Care which can actually cost less over time while leading to a more permanent result. For some people, however, Relief Care may be the unavoidable choice of care due to financial circumstances or personal priorities. You must continue care for Maximum Results!



If your choice is to receive Relief Care, please inform your doctor. Three arrangements are necessary to receive full benefit from this type of care:

    1. Once You Feel Better do not dismiss yourself from care. However, tell the doctor.

    2. Do Not Dismiss Yourself once relief has been obtained, inform your doctor and a no cost re-examination will be done to update your records.

    3. A Checkup Is a Must We will schedule you for a checkup within several months to detect any potential return of the problem.


Relief Care: Temporary relief of pain or symptoms. End Product: Temporary relief.

Corrective Care: Not only includes feeling better, but correcting the CAUSE of the problem in the first place. This phase includes realigning the spine, thereby improving function and energy. End Product: Relief from pain and symptoms in the body. Total body realignment - greatly improved body function and energy.

Maintenance Care: Keeps the body moving forward and prevents problems from occurring and is designed on an individual basis. End Product: Ideal health scenes, great energy and endurance, life time health care.


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