Please take a moment to read through a few of the letters that we've received describing Chiropractic SUCCESS STORIES. We are very proud to have earned such glowing remarks from our patients!


Mary M.     11/15/2010    

Chestnut Hill/Philadelphia, PA

Since coming to Dr Kim, I have noticed a big improvement in my over all health. I now know what subluxation is and am aware of what I must do to get better. Everyone that works in the office is so pleasant and good at their jobs that I always feel happy and pain free when I leave.
I was refered to WOUDSMA Choropractic by my sister and two of my doctors - all of whom I respect and trust above all others. I would recommend this practice to someone new because it can be a great help with whatever their pain level is at the time. But most of all, you can trust and feel good about the doctor and staff!
Thank you for everything.

Robert     10/12/2010    

Doylestown, PA

I can't tell you how much Dr. Woudsma helped me this weekend. On Friday I was out on the golf course trying to sneak in 9 holes of golf, something in my middle back starting hurting between the 6th and 7th holes, to be honest I have no idea what happened, but I couldn't finish the 7th hole. My pain became worse over night and by Saturday morning I could barely get out of bed.
I had met Dr Woudsma many times over the past few years, but I was never in need of a Chiropractor, to be honest I was a bit nervous about calling her. She was fantastic when I called and asked for me to meet her at her office. She gave me an adjustment using something called computerized chiropractic and in an matter of a few hours I was feeling much better. She meet with me again on Monday morning for a follow up visit, I still had pain, but not as extreme. After this visit, the pain a couple of hours later started to subside again. It is now Tuesday evening and I am starting to feel human again. I am going to see Dr Woudsma again on Thursday for another evaluation and adjustment. Thanks Dr Woudsma, I am truly grateful.

Darryl C.     7/8/2010    

Chestnut Hill, PA

My body has been dealt more than its fair share of hard knocks and for years I have had neck and back pain. Not just any pain, but the kind that makes you feel you’re about 80 years older than you really are. Over time, I have realized that this pain has depleted my life in many ways; it has left me agitated, somewhat depressed and has compromised my lifestyle. My medical doctors gave me some prescription drugs to use, and the pain was so severe that I used them. I felt I had to just to get out of bed in the morning and physically make it to work.
I became concerned about using the drugs - I was afraid I could become addicted to them. I knew I couldn’t handle the constant pain so I was seeking an alternative. That is when I met Dr. Woudsma. She told me about chiropractic and I decided to give it a try. Following her recommendations for treatment, I was able to get to the point where the pain was non-existent.
Then I had a set-back. While riding on a lawn tractor, the mower blade caught the end of a tree branch and pulled the branch down, pinning me to the tractor. I was stuck there for a good ten minutes before I managed to get free. I thought for sure the pain was back to stay. Luckily Dr. Woudsma utilizes the ProAdjuster! After my very first adjustment with the ProAdjuster I could feel immediate relief, and within two weeks, I was fully recovered. I haven’t felt this good in years. I am sleeping better, playing better and no longer suffer from the constant pain.
I wish I had tried this earlier . . . thank you Dr. Woudsma!

Jamie M.     2/12/2003    

Ardsley, PA

After suffering from migraines for nine years and being on countless prescriptions with various side effects, I was ready to try anything that might help relieve the constant neck and shoulder pain I woke up with every day. I had read numerous articles regarding chiropractics and their healing abilities but was still a little skeptical until an article on Dr. Kimberly Woudsma and her Percussion Wave Treatment took my interest.
Upon meeting with Dr. Woudsma, she assured me that with proper treatment there was a good possibility that my headaches would become more manageable if not stop completely. This was something I hadn’t tried and was willing to give it a shot.
When I had only been a patient for about three months I already noticed amazing improvement. After my first adjustment, I felt a relief of pressure in my sinuses and my neck and shoulder pain was minimized. I continued to see Dr. Woudsma on a weekly basis for the first month and noticed the frequency of my migraines had decreased enormously.
Prior to my treatment, I was experiencing anywhere from five to six migraines a month - if not more. After only a month of treatment, I was down to two catamenial migraines a month! I now see Dr. Woudsma on a monthly or as needed basis and am so thankful to have met her. She has made such a difference in my quality of life that I actually enjoy waking up in the morning - pain free.

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