Nutrition Counseling is a process where we review and evaluate dietary intake to see what changes are needed to reach maximum health.



The WOUDSMA Chirporactic counselor will assess dietary habits, body weight, changes that need to be made, and will also help to set a goal and find and provide support through the entire process.  The nutrition counselor will work with the individual to determine what their current eating pattern is and what is wrong with it. 


A large problem for people today that greatly taxes one’s health and is responsible for a huge number of deaths is obesity.  Our team can greatly aid in one’s journey to lose weight because we can help to develop a nutrition plan as well as a detailed exercise plan that will be tailored to your specific needs.  Suggestions to appropriate nutritional supplements can also aid in your nutritional diet.  Another option that may be offered is a nutritional cleansing that will rid one’s body of toxins and help with weight loss.


Nutritional Cleansing

Weight loss can be easily achieved through the ISAGENIX 30 Day Detox Program because of the amazing affects that it has on the body.  Diminishing certain foods from the diet such as sugar, milk, eggs, wheat products, and caffeine-filled beverages combined with avoiding foods with preservatives, such as yeast, chocolate, and any type of food that is high in fat will ensure that only foods that will help to cleanse out all toxins and bad foods.  Water will help to eliminate waste in the blood and helps to flush more toxins out of one’s system.  Another big element that almost guarantees weight loss is cutting all alcohol from one’s diet because alcohol simply adds empty calories.  An effective full body nutritional cleanse should support brain chemistry and help to curb cravings.  It should also cleanse the toxins but replenish at the same time.  It also has to be a healthy and efficient program, which fuels the body and supports the liver and digestive system.  :: GET STARTED NOW! . . . 


This process is not only for those wishing to lose weight or those who are unhealthy; it also boosts the health of those who are very healthy already and only improves their already strong and energetic lifestyle.

The Cleansing Detoxification program offers a full body nutritional cleanse which consists of: keeping the body hydrated, getting rid of common toxins like caffeine and artificial sweeteners, completing regular exercise, strengthening the body, consuming mostly organic food and drink, and having a relaxed state of being.  This cleanses all impurities from the body and allows the body to fight off infection and disease. It’s unique because it actually replenishes vital nutrients as it cleanses your body.



I want you to be aware that we at WOUDSMA Chiropractic Associates are trying to make available to you a source of information and products that we have used in our practice for many years to provide relief for our patients - providing you with an alternative to drugs and surgery. Always seek medical consultation, especially for pain that does not resolve with our treatments.
Please give our treatments and products four to six weeks to do their job and up to one year to lasting results from these products and new habits, although you may feel results sooner. That time frame depends on your age, your overall health, and the amount of the injury and pain. Practice makes perfect and prevention goes a long way towards a cure. As you know, a problem may have started with an incident many years ago and your body has been used to accommodating it, so it can take some time to work things out and get back to normal.