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Dr Woudsma began her chiropractic education when she was only 15 years of age, working part time as a receptionist in a chiropractic office in her hometown.  She knew then Health Care would be her life’s work.
Today’s Doctor of Chiropractic must complete a minimum of eight years of highly specialized college training. A Doctor of Chiropractic must complete 4,485 hours of classroom instruction and pass a rigid series of four National Board Examinations before earning a license. Furthermore, continuing education seminars must be completed for annual license renewal. Dr Kim attacked that goal with determination ...



Dr Woudsma distinguished herself academically at Franklin and Marshall College with a degree in Biology/Psychology with a concentration in NeuroScience. 

Then she continued her success at Sherman Chiropractic College where she proceeded to complete her Doctor of Chiropractic education 9 months early, and was granted an externship position with the world’s most renowned chiropractic researcher and developer, Dr Roy Sweat.

Under Dr Sweat's watchful eye, she went on to an additional 3 year postgraduate Board Certification in Atlas Orthogonal - the state of the art in chiropractic.  Dr Woudsma is now the only Board Certified doctor for Atlas Orthogonal in the entire Philadelphia area.  In other words, she has been qualified to perform spinal alignment without twisting, popping or cracking.   

Dr Woudsma has studied these techniques in various Chiropractic clinics from San Angelo, TX, to Atlanta. GA, to New York, NY.  Additionally, she continues to devote three days every month to attending a nationally recognized seminar in Atlanta, GA to stay current on the latest in chiropractic advances.  To further her education, she continues to study nutrition, supplementation and preventative health care.

Dr Kimberly Woudsma began practice in the Philadelphia area 8 years ago and has since seen over 2,000 new patients and over 40,000 adjustments.  She was awarded the ProAdjuster Chiropractor of the Year award.  Each day people thank her for helping them and their families live healthier and happier lives.  This is the kind of training and professionalism Dr Woudsma can offer you. 


So you see, what you don’t know can’t help you!  If you have hesitated visiting a chiropractor, perhaps you did not know that some chiropractors go to great lengths to continue their education and provide you with the latest techniques and the most qualified service. 


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