A common method of dramatically increasing one’s body health is detoxification. Detoxification is the removal of toxic substances from the body. A detox diet is often used after over eating or the intake of processed and unhealthy foods. Flooding the body with essential nutrients while getting rid of a large number of toxic chemicals can aid the body in becoming revitalized and stronger.

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HEALTH BENEFITS YOU'LL RECEIVE from the practice of cleansing or detox:

    » Helps increase energy and endurance
    » More effectively lose unwanted fat and inches
    » Increases resistance to oxidative stress
    » Improves mental and physical performance
    » Strengthens the immune system
    » Supports heart health
    » Aids digestive health


1.  Are you concerned with the amount of toxins and chemicals in your environment?
2.  Do you feel you get enough nutrition from the food you currently eat?
3.  Do you eat organic produce?
4.  Do you currently get a sound 8 hours sleep per night?
5.  Do you feel alert every morning when you wake up?
6.  Do you have a hard time losing weight?
7.  Do you consume coffee, tea, sugar, candy or similar products to give you a boost during the day?
8.  Did you know that more than 65 insecticides, pesticides and herbicides can be found on everyday produce?





The Isagenix Cleansing Detoxification program offers a full body nutritional cleanse which consists of: keeping the body hydrated, getting rid of common toxins like caffeine and artificial sweeteners, completing regular exercise, strengthening the body, consuming mostly organic food and drink, and having a relaxed state of being. This cleanses all impurities from the body and allows the body to fight off infection and disease. It’s unique because it actually replenishes vital nutrients as it cleanses your body.

This process is not only for those wishing to lose weight or those who are unhealthy; it also boosts the health of those who are very healthy already and only improves their already strong and energetic lifestyle.